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On 25 April 2010, a teenager from Fyn in Denmark became the first European player ever to capture the title of U19 men’s singles world champion. The championships were held in Mexico, where Viktor Axelsen – the 16-year-old badminton prodigy – wiped the floor with all his opponents, most of whom were two years older than him.


Winning the world title saw the young superstar’s name splashed all over the headlines in both Danish and international sports media, and put Viktor firmly in the spotlight. Even beyond the bounds of badminton itself. To highlight the magnitude of his achievement, Viktor was presented with the prestigious Danish award Årets Fund (Find of the Year) later in the year. A few months after that, he was awarded the title of “Bestseller’s Olympic Hope” at the SPORT 2010 gala event.


Viktor has since turned 18. Even though he is still officially a junior player, he has long since taken up a position in the senior rankings, where he is currently listed as no. 21 in the world. He is now focusing unswervingly on achieving his stated goal: top spot.


His current position is attributable to an eye-catching string of results at senior level, including:


• Bronze at the 2012 Thomas Cup 2012 (World Team Championships)


• Bronze at the 2012 European Championships (singles)


• Gold at the 2012 European Team Championships


• Silver at the 2012 Danish Championships (singles)


What is more, earlier this year Viktor qualified for the main tournament at perhaps the most prestigious event in the world: the All England Championships. In addition, he has already taken part in several of the other 12 tournaments that make up what is known as the World Superseries, including the Denmark Open, Malaysia Open, Singapore Open and China Open.


As regards the domestic – i.e. Danish – badminton arena, Viktor is currently the No. 1 men’s singles player on Odense Badminton Club’s elite team in the Danish Badminton League.


To round off, here is a little sporty amuse bouche in the form of a quote from the Danish newspaper Politiken’s coverage of the world championship event that kick-started this fairy tale:


“A new international superstar – in the form of a teenager from Odense – has burst onto the Danish badminton arena.”


We couldn’t have put it better ourselves …




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